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Medline Financial Group ltd was given registration in India. The Firm was formed by the coming together of a Private Group of Highly respected regional financial institutions over 7 years ago.

Our Guarantee providing you loans with Medline Financial Group ltd couldn't be easier. We are well established and over the years have developed a thorough understanding of your needs and individual requirements.

We make a point of caring about our customers and our procedures have been designed to suit you. Formalities are reduced to a minimum and together with our flexible approach to each application ensures a speedy conclusion to your loan. We are members of the AFB Worldwide (Association of Finance Brokers) and adhere strictly to their rules and regulations. The aim of the organization is to protect the consumer and regulate the industry. We have always had a close association with them which means you can be sure we offer the highest standards of professionalism.

The major shareholders are leading local and international regional financial institutions. We operate under supervision and the regulatory framework of the Central Bank of India. We have rendered loan to major constructing companies, Medline Financial Group ltd, small scale business, large scale business etc. Medline Financial Group ltd has opened the door of great opportunities to individuals with credible values.


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    Mr. Farouck Abdul Majid
    Executive President

    has over 10 years experience in the Banking and Finance Industry. He is a full member of the Mortgage and Finance Association of India and holds a Certificate IV in Finance Broking. Farouck is accredited with over 20 lending and financial Institutions. Farouck has been a member of The Finance Company team since inception and has helped many clients into their dream homes. Farouck's knowledge of business and accounting makes him a valuable member of the team. He takes great pride in helping his clients with all of their financing needs.
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    Mr James David
    Executive Vice President

    We James David has over 20 years experience in the Banking and Finance Industry. He has also obtained his Certificate IV in Finance Broking and also a Diploma of Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking Management). Previously, James worked as a Finance Manager for Cater Allen Bank where he gained valuable knowledge and experience in the banking sector.
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    Barr. Nuraihan Marjuki
    Legal/financial Adviser

    We Barr. Nuraihan Marjuki has over 4 years experience in the Banking and Finance Industry. Nuraihan is accredited with over 20 lending and financial Institutions. Nuraihan specialises in all levels of residential lending and has over 3 years experience in the property, investment and development markets. He has the expertise and skill set to provide a finance solution specific to your needs.

What our client say?

"I needed capital in June … but was turned down for a bank loan because of my credit score. Medline Financial Group ltd gave us the chance we needed, they stuck their neck out for us.”"
–Dave Wilkins (Ireland)

“With the lenders I’ve dealt with before, I could never get a straight answer on what it was going to take to borrow money, and exactly what it was going to take for me to pay it back. With Medline Financial Group ltd, it was awesome. Every question got answered, there was no red tape, it was straight to the facts…they understand small business.” –Rochelle Hunter Mosley, Owner of Salon 804 (Berlin)

“I already had an existing dry cleaning business in another city, and an opportunity came to expand. We tried to go through traditional banks and private lenders, and unfortunately the experience was very hard and the terms were harder. So I called Credibly, and within two days I was able to get the funds that I needed. We were able to improve our business and the process was very, very easy.” –Eli Kik, Owner of Somerset Cleaners (Atlanta)

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